Room Reservations

WSU’s EMS system will allow users to see a daily, weekly or monthly calendar online with the ability to sort by space and location. To see if a specific space is being used at a certain time or to find a meeting or event, browse the schedule and make a reservation.

Basic Information

Academic scheduling has first priority on the use of university facilities. Room reservations are done on a first come, first serve basis only.

Requests for the use of campus space can be handled via our EMS campus scheduling system. You will be able to request space for most of campus. (The Library and Athletic facilities will be included in EMS in the coming months.)

If you are an internal customer such as faculty, staff or a student, you will need your Minnesota State StarID to log in to EMS. EMS is a Minnesota State System-hosted service and therefore requires your StarID. Instructions on how to activate your StarID and how to reset your StarID password are provided.


Winona State University organizations, groups or individuals will not be charged a fee for the use of university facilities as long as it is a university-related function. Exceptions apply to the Tau Center (rental fees will be waived if a university event is booked less than 3 weeks prior to the event, however building monitor fees will still be charged if event occurs outside of regular office hours).

Non-WSU members may be charged a fee for room reservations in Tau Center and Kryzsko Commons. Learn more about Kryzsko Commons reservation policies. For more information about Tau Center reservations, contact


Minnesota State Policy requires that campuses request verification of insurance coverage up to $2 million for entities making reservations that are external to our organization. (Policy guidelines from Minnesota State will be posted soon.) If your reservation requires insurance, you will be contacted.

Request Processing and Confirmation

Whenever possible, space requests should be submitted at least 2 weeks prior to the date(s) requested. This lead-time is needed to ensure sufficient processing time needed to make all the necessary arrangements for the event. This includes informing departments and staff involved in the preparations for the event. Please remember that the larger the event, the more lead-time that is needed for processing and preparation.

The EMS space request form can be filled out online. A room reservation is pending until it has been approved. You will receive an email notification of approval or denial of a space request. If for some reason you do not receive a confirmation, please call our office at 507.457.5045.

Be sure to bring this confirmation to your event in case there is a question about the reservation.

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