Senior University

Senior University is a peer-led set of short courses taught by retirees and topic experts to provide intellectual and cultural stimulation and growth, thus providing today’s accomplished adult with opportunities for lifelong learning and leadership, combined with the fellowship of peers sharing a common quest for continued growth.

Our goal is to offer non-credit courses in current events, history, philosophy, science, art, poetry and literature without enrolling in regular university course work.

As the Retiree Center mission statement proclaims, our goals include “providing institutional connections between the University, and retirees, who may wish to continue their intellectual and social participation in collegial life and service to the University.

Senior University courses are open to everyone, and are meant to “encourage lifelong learning for retirees in the community.” Senior University wants to attract not only those with advanced degrees, but also those who have not had college opportunities.

Senior University WSU consists of non-credit courses lasting four to five weeks with no tests, papers or homework. The classes are currently $40 each. Registration is required and subject to space availability. Early registration is recommended.