Work on Campus

Students will largely return to campus this fall, and as such faculty and staff who began working remotely or hybrid in March 2020 will also return to work on our campuses.

This will require full cooperation among students, faculty, staff and members of our campus community.

Only with your help can we establish and maintain the safety and health of our campus.


Talk to Your Supervisor

Department leadership should communicate the plan with direct reports to ensure they know the how this will impact them.

If employees have been teleworking or on a hybrid schedule, let them know their expected full return to campus date.

To end a telework agreement earlier that was submitted on the Telework Schedule and Acknowledgement form, email Human Resources the employee’s name and end date of the telework schedule.

If employees have been working on campus full-time, let them know when they will start to see colleagues return.

If an accommodation for medical reasons is requested, contact Jessica Wenzel in the Human Resources department.

This will initiate the process of attaining medical expert documentation and discussion of reasonable accommodations that would not cause undue hardship.


Prepare the Workspace

Supervisors will update or create an operational plan for the employee workspaces, common spaces and customer/visitor workflow to determine how to ensure safety and health protocols are maintained.

Requests for modifications and changes to workplaces should be submitted using the Work Request Form.

Over the summer, Facilities Services will be deep cleaning workspaces.

To assist this effort, employees should clear floors and windowsills of personal items to extent practicable. Facilities Services staff will not move personal items. Cleaning of personal work surfaces, bookshelves, etc. will be the responsibility of individual employees.

Building access updates will be communicated via WSU email.


Watch for Updates

Follow the Count on Me guidelines.

Stay current by reviewing the COVID-19 updates and checking your WSU email.