Access Services

For students with disabilities, the academic environment in college can be especially challenging. Access Services helps qualified students overcome barriers to graduation by providing academic accommodations and additional resources.

Examples of academic accommodations include but are not limited to:

  • extended time on exams
  • low distraction test environment
  • alternate format textbooks

The Access Services main office is housed on the Winona campus. WSU-Rochester students have the same opportunity to receive accommodations and other support services.

If you feel you need this type of support, you can pick up an information packet in the Student & Campus Services Office (SS 128). You can also learn more about Access Services on the WSU website.

There are four steps to receiving support from Access Services:

  1. Apply and be accepted to Winona State University
  2. Complete the online Application for Access Services. Incoming students who have not yet gotten their laptop should submit a paper application (PDF).
  3. Submit Acceptable Documentation (PDF) from a certified professional
  4. Meet with Access Services Grad Assistant to discuss your accommodation plan and complete an Accommodation Request Form for the current semester.

In most cases, yes. Please give written permission to the RCTC Disability Services staff to release your records to us. They will then fax a list of your previous accommodations to WSU Access Services at 507.457.2957. We will mirror the accommodations that you were given there, if reasonable. 

Use the Access Services Student Dashboard to schedule every exam that you plan to take with accommodations through Access Services at least 3 business days in advance.

We strongly recommend that you sign up for all exams listed on your syllabi at the beginning of the semester to avoid the stress of missing deadlines.

Your professors may choose to provide accommodations for your exams in a quiet area near the classroom or in their department.  

Otherwise, students will use a quiet room on the 3rd floor of the library to take exams with accommodations with Access Services staff supervision. 

Because college can be very stressful, you may need extra support to work through a difficult time.

Counselors are available to help you with a wide range of difficulties, ranging from sexual assault, depression, and grief after the loss of a loved one to stress management, anxiety, general adjustment to college, and many other issues. Counselors are available through partnership with RCTC on the UCR campus at the RCTC Counseling Center, UCR Room SS 133, and can be reached at 507.285.7260.

Counseling and Wellness Services on the Winona campus are located in the Integrated Wellness Complex 222 and they can be reached at 507.457.5330.

Tutoring is available in the UCR Learning Center,  UCR Room AT 306. Call 507.285.7182 for more information.

TRIO Student Support Services provides support for first-generation, low-income, and students with documented disabilities on both the Rochester and Winona campuses. They are dedicated to providing individualized academic and personal assistance to facilitate lifelong learning and development and to help students achieve their goals of graduation.