Course Schedule

This is a tentative course schedule for the duration of the MSED program.

May: REDG 604 and REDG 605

This course will consist of 3 full-day class periods and 3 half-day class periods in the month of May. In addition to class, students will be expected to complete a minimum of 40 hours of clinical experience in an assigned classroom in the month of May.

June : EDUC 529 and REDG 600

EDUC 529 focuses on Reading & Teaching Strategies. EDUC 600 focuses on Instruction & Curriculum Planning. These courses both take place in the month of June with one in the morning and the other in the afternoon. The time commitment is approximately 9am-4pm Monday-Friday from June 10 - June 27.

July: EDFD 608

The focus of this course is the Diverse Learner. This course develops teacher candidate understanding of how students differ in their approaches to learning. During the second week, students participate in STEM Camp at Riverside Central Elementary School. The time commitment is approximately 9am-3pm Monday-Friday from July 14 - July 25.

Mid-August - December; January - Early-June: Internship

During the year-long internship, the MSED Intern will adopt the schedule of a classroom teacher as well as attend seminars that start out one afternoon a week, and then move to early evenings in mid-October. During the spring semester, the seminars will be less frequent.