Teacher Preparation Collaborative


The Teacher Preparation Collaborative (TPC) is an opportunity for individuals who hold a bachelor's degree to become secondary teachers in one of the following licensure areas: Business, Chemistry, Communication Arts & Literature, Earth Science, Life Science, Mathematics, Physics or Social Studies. Students receive support from WSU Faculty, master teachers and a cohort of peers. Additionally, students learn from observation, teaching, reflection and feedback. The students selected to participate in this WSU-Rochester program will complete summer coursework from May-July, a thorough review of content knowledge through a portfolio process, an internship in a public school from August-June and evening seminars throughout the course of the program. 

Program Application

Here are some resources to get you started:

If you answer the call to teach, you will not be disappointed. When you have finished this program, you will not only be prepared to apply for a teaching license, you will also have earned thirty graduate credits.

Intern Coaches

The master teachers that the TPC interns (students) work with are called Intern Coaches. Intern Coaches serve as mentors to the interns over the course of the academic year. They provide feedback, teach instructional strategies and review lesson plans.
Role of the TPC Intern Coach (PDF)

MS in Education

Interns who complete the preparation program have the option of completing a Master of Science in Education degree with an additional 17 credits. Requirements for the Master’s degree must be completed no later than seven (7) years from the beginning of the TPC program. Students seeking to complete the Master’s degree should submit an MS Application form through the School of Graduate Studies department. Then, the student will contact their Academic Advisor for the purpose of completing the Candidacy Form.

Gainful Employment Disclosure

The U.S. Department of Education requires colleges and universities that have any financial aid eligible programs that “prepare students for gainful employment in a recognized occupation” to disclose certain information, such as program costs, occupations that the program prepares students to enter, occupational profiles and the number of students who have completed the program.

A Gainful Employment Disclosure for the Teacher Preparation Collaborative program is provided.