Additional RN-BS Graduation Requirements

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Obtain 120 Credits

At least 120 credits are required for the BS degree.

Up to 80 credits can be transferred from an Associate Degree in Nursing Program. Only 16 technical credits can be counted toward graduation. If a student has less than 80 credits from the Associate Degree, additional upper or lower division electives will be needed.


Fulfilling Credits

In fulfilling the 120 credits, students must meet:

30 credit WSU Residence Rule, including:

  • 30 RN-BS Completion credits

40 credits of upper level courses, including:

  • 30 RN-BS Completion credits
  • 10 upper level (300 or 400 level) elective credits. Online summer nursing electives and counselor education workshops are available to earn upper level elective credits. Learn more about Professional Development Workshops.

Progress Toward Degree

Progress toward degree requirements, including credits accepted in transfer, will be shown on the student’s Degree Audit Report.

Winona State University policy requires that students be enrolled at WSU the semester in which they earn their degree.