Advancing Warriors Program

Advancing Warriors Graphic

The Advancing Warriors Program is the third and final tier of the Warriors LEAD Program. Its purpose is to provide students with a way to encapsulate all the information they have learned through the series. Through this final workshop students will come full circle and see how leadership must adapt to situations! These workshops will be offered in the Spring semester of each school year.

Through Advancing Warriors, students will see that understand that what works in one instance will not necessarily be effective in another.

In the Advancing Warriors program, students will:

  • Construct tools for life post-graduation
  • Produce a project comparing and contrasting skills learned through the program
  • Interoperate uses for skills outside their student experience

During the workshop students will cover two final leadership concepts: analysis and assessment.

Advancing Warriors Program Requirements

Because Advancing Warriors concludes the Warriors LEAD Series to participate student must have completed at least one of the previous tiers (Emerging or Developing Warriors) to participate.

In order to gain certificate in the Advancing Warriors Program, you must:

  • Register for the program
  • Must attend one 2 hour workshop
  • Complete an observation project
  • Present observation project at the Leadership Summit