Last year's Homecoming Court

Homecoming Court Competition

Entry & Voting

In celebration of inclusivity and diversity, Winona State University's Homecoming Court and Royalty is non-gendered instead of crowning a traditional king and queen.

The Homecoming Committee encourages your campus club/organization or residence hall to enter the Homecoming Court competition and nominate up to two students who:

  • Best represent you
  • Are highly involved on campus
  • Give back to our communities in a variety of ways

Note: You may sponsor up to two candidates, but they will not be running mates in elections. Each candidate runs separately.

Minimum Requirements for Candidates

  1. Currently enrolled as a WSU student
  2. Have attained a sophomore standing or above as of August 2017
  3. Have a cumulative GPA of 2.50 or above
  4. Not currently on any disciplinary probation (on campus or in the residence halls)
  5. Must be nominated to represent a campus organization or residence hall. Self-nominations are not accepted.

Online entry forms with an individual picture of the candidate will be due by Thursday, Sept. 21. Voting for Homecoming Court will take place Sept. 28-29 through an online election. The top two winners will be crowned as Homecoming Royalty during the Homecoming Coronation & Winona State's Got Talent Final Show on Sunday, Oct. 15 at 7:30pm in Somsen Auditorium.

Homecoming Court Obligations

Court members are required to participate in the following Homecoming activities unless there is a class conflict:

  • Coronation rehearsal (Saturday, Oct. 14, time TBA - Somsen Auditorium)
  • Coronation ceremony (Sunday, Oct. 15 at 7:30pm - Somsen Auditorium)
  • Pep Fest (Friday, Oct. 20 at 11:45am)
  • Homecoming Parade (Saturday, Oct. 21 at 9:30am)
  • Warrior Game Day Experience (Saturday, Oct. 21 from 12-1:15pm - Johnson St. & IWC Parking Lot Area)
  • Football game (Saturday, Oct. 21 at 1:15pm)


You may begin campaigning after the entry form is submitted. Keep in mind you are representing your club and yourself! The integrity and image in which you present yourself is reflected in your campaign.


For questions, contact Homecoming Court Competition Chair Megan Sticha at

She will contact candidates who have been elected to the Homecoming Court and provide them with instructions regarding coronation and responsibilities for the week of Homecoming.