Developing Warriors

The Developing Warriors program is the second tier of the Warriors LEAD Series and is designed to help students build on the knowledge from Emerging Warriors or, for students beginning the series, with skills in leading groups and how their leadership traits can impact a group.

Developing Warriors will also be offered in both the fall and spring.

Through Developing Warriors program, students will learn to energize and:

  • Apply their strengths to group dynamics
  • Distinguish ways that they can positively or negatively impact their student groups
  • Practice skills and tactics learned through the course

In the second tier students will cover 9 important topics in five 90 minute sessions. They are Empathy, Inspiring others, Coaching others, Capitalizing on Differences, Developing Relationships, Building teams, Demonstrating Citizenship, Managing Conflicts and Facilitating Change.

Developing Warriors Program Requirements

As Developing Warriors is the second tier of the Warriors LEAD Series it is recommended that they have completed the Emerging Warriors program before registering for Developing Warriors. However Students are not required to have completed tier 1 to join us! All are encouraged to join the Warriors LEAD series!

In order to gain certificate in the Developing Warriors Program, you must:

• Register for the program
• Attend all 5, 90 minute sessions
• Participate in discussion and concepts presented by the Emotionally Intelligent Leadership text
• Complete and present a group Service Project within the Winona Community