Developing Warriors Society

The Developing Warriors Society is comprised of students who have successfully completed the requirements of the Developing Warriors program of the Warriors L.E.A.D. Series.
Fall 2009
Mallory Brand
Katherine Chickey
Ashlyn Gibeaut
Rachael Graydon
Tha Her
Jesse Lamoreux
Jen Lorrigan
Andre Moreira
Mary Palin
Jessica Palmer
Alyssa Stuart
Alicia Talley
Spring 2010
Neha Amatya
Amy Daniels
Jaimee Ewert
Chun Hong Loh
Julie Lundquist
Alyssa McFarren
Sadie Neuman
Lauren Ostergaard
Stephanie Popp
Liz Printon
Cody Rondeau
Nathan Siems
Kelly Smith
Rachele Willy
Yan Zheng