Emerging Warriors Program

The Emerging Warriors program will be offered in both fall and spring semesters and will give students a foundational knowledge of Emotionally Intelligent Leadership and what it means to be an Emotionally Intelligent leader. It is the first tier of the Warriors LEAD Series.

Through Emerging Warriors students will become more self-aware.

In the Emerging Leaders Program students will:

  • Be able to identify their areas of strength and weakness
  • Recognize their leadership potential
  • Be able to explain how their strengths and weaknesses impact their leadership journey and relationships

This tier of the series will cover 9 important areas of leadership development in five 90 minute sessions. They are Consciousness of Self, Emotional Self-Perception, Emotional Self-Control, Authenticity, Healthy Self-Esteem, Flexibility, Optimism, Initiative and Achievement.

Emerging Warriors Program Requirements

As Emerging Warriors is the first step in the series there are no requirements for being a part of this experience.

In order to gain a certificate in the Emerging Warriors Program, you must:

  • Register for the program
  • Attend all 5, 90 minute sessions
  • Participate in discussion and concepts presented by the Emotionally Intelligent Leadership text