Emerging Warriors Program

The Emerging Warriors program is open to all students who want to enhance their individual leadership skills and knowledge by exploring Emotionally Intelligent Leadership. Students will learn how they can demonstrate a consciousness of self, consciousness of others, and consciousness of context. Leaders must be aware of their own capacities (in both formal and informal roles), the needs of those who follow their leadership, and the environmental factors that impact their performance in order to be successful and effective. This program will show you how to improve in all three facets!

In addition to the valuable information you will learn, all participants will get to put their new leadership skills into practice by participating in a fun outdoor excursion during the 2-day Emerging Warriors Retreat. You will not want to miss this exciting adventure!

The Emerging Warriors program is offered fall and spring semesters. There is no cost to participate.

NOTE: Due to some staffing changes within the Warriors L.E.A.D. Series, there will be no programs offered until Fall 2017. We look forward to helping you grow in your leadership development soon!

Emerging Warriors Program Requirements

In order to participate in the Emerging Warriors Program when it is offered, you must:

  • Register for the program
  • Register & participate in the Warriors Leadership Retreat 
  • Attend all of the following sessions including the 2-day Emerging Warriors Retreat:

Warriors Leadership Retreat


Overview, Inventory & Assessment

Emerging Warriors Retreat (Friday evening)

Emerging Warriors Retreat (Saturday all day)

Reflection & Follow-up

Group presentations & Wrap-up Celebration
Upon completion of all the requirements, students will receive a certificate of completion and become a member of the Emerging Warriors Society