College of Science and Engineering

Response to COVID-19

The university and colleges are working together diligently to respond to the Coronavirus situation. The College of Science & Engineering department faculty are gathering this week to address how to proceed and continue to offer the best educational experience as possible.

We are paying particular attention to the hands-on intensive nature of our programs in the College of Science & Engineering. Please understand that there is much uncertainty right now and that we are exploring ways in which this experiential learning can continue for the Spring 2020 semester.

Some activities will ultimately not be able to be sustained in an alternate format. Specific course faculty will be notifying students, and further communication will be forthcoming as plans solidify.

We appreciate your patience and understanding as we work to make appropriate accommodations.

"You won't be told to just read a chapter — you are going to USE what you learned." — Renee Fisher, Biology Major

The College of Science and Engineering is committed to furthering 21st Century advances in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) by inspiring the next generation of innovators and teachers and by promoting research and scholarship across STEM disciplines.

Through a broad range of major, minor and pre-professional programs, as well as through basic skills, interdisciplinary, and research-rich learning environments, the college endeavors to ensure the success of all students.

Want Hands-on?

  • Study the Mississippi with a special classroom boat or monitor fish populations in a trout stream
  • Find composite material solutions for new products, enter data analytics competitions or design a video game
  • Use the latest geotechnical equipment on a field trip
  • Collaborate with hospital staff in clinical research or present your own research results at a national conference

Seven departments make up the College of Science and Engineering: Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Engineering, Geoscience, Math and Statistics, and Physics.

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