Bicycle Theft

Over half a million bicycles are stolen every year. Most of these are multi-speed models valued in excess of $100 or more.

Hundreds of bicycles are reported stolen each year in the City of Winona. The majority of thefts that occur at Winona State University are bicycles. Many bicycles are stolen and ridden several blocks before being discarded. Others are stripped, repainted and used by the thief for their own personal use.

Many bikes are recovered by the Winona Police Department and are stored at an evidence holding facility. If your bicycle has been stolen the police department allows viewing of all recovered bicycles every Wednesday (after 5pm) and Saturday morning. Prior to viewing you must first phone the Winona Police Department at 507.457.6302 to make an appointment.

Protect Your Bike

Taking a few extra minutes to practice some simple theft prevention tips may eliminate you as a victim. It is recommended that the following practices become part of your routine regarding your bicycle:

• Use a case hardened chain.
• Always chain the rear wheel and the frame to a stationary object in a conspicuous place.
• Never leave a bicycle unchained and unattended for even a short time.
• Store your bicycle indoors whenever possible.
• Write down the make, model, serial number and description of your bicycle so it can be easily identified.
• License your bike through the Student Resource Center, doing so will increase your chances of recovering your bicycle.

Report the theft of your bicycle immediately to Winona State University Security and/or the Winona Police Department.