Campus Watch

You can help make the campus safer and more secure by:

• Recognizing and avoiding potentially risky situations.
• Reporting any theft or suspicious behavior to Campus Security.

Tips to help you take charge of your own safety:

• Be alert and walk purposefully. Confidence deters attackers.
• Carry a personal alarm.
• Use lighted corridors and sidewalks at night. Avoid secluded or dark places, walk with friends, or call for an escort.
• Be wary of strangers on foot or in cars asking directions - it is better to be rude than to be in trouble.
• If someone follows you, go to a place where there are other people.
• Take a self-defense course. For details on courses available contact the Security at 457-5555.
• When you are socializing, play it smart. One drink too many could make you vulnerable.

Taking public transportation:

• Know your timetables to avoid long waits - especially if you are alone.
• Rather than sitting in a secluded or closed shelter, you should stick to open, populated areas in full view of taxis, buses, or trains.
• When using taxis, especially if you are alone, have someone else see you off. You should also keep a note of the taxi number, sit in the back seat on the opposite side to the driver, and don't disclose personal information.

Taking your car:

• Park in well-lit, busy areas.
• Hold your keys ready to open the door and be prepared to use them to jab an attacker.
• Check the back seat or hatch for intruders before getting into the car.
• Once inside, lock all doors and, if possible, leave windows up until you've reached your destination safely.
• Avoid parking in remote lots. Move your car closer if you plan to be on campus after dark. If you arrive on campus late at night, drive up to Sheehan Hall, walk in, and request Security to escort you to parking areas and back to the residence halls.