Crime Stoppers

Crime Stoppers is a non-profit citizen's organization developed to help law enforcement agencies solve crimes by providing anonymity to people reporting information and providing a reward for information leading to the arrest and formal charging.

Solving a crime is like putting together the pieces of a puzzle. Individuals can often provide a missing piece but are either afraid or do not wish to become involved. Crime Stoppers encourages people to provide crime information by offering a cash reward plus anonymity.

When a crime-related call is received by Crime Stoppers, it is logged with the date, time, and a summary of the caller's information. Callers are often given a code number that is used on all subsequent calls by the same person regarding the case.

Cash rewards are paid to individuals whose information leads to the arrest and formal charging of a suspect. The Board of Directors oversees the program and approves the rewards to be paid.

Law enforcement agencies provide details of unsolved crimes for the release to the media. An unsolved crime is selected each week to be presented. People are requested to call Crime Stoppers on these "Unsolved Crimes of the Week," or any crime they may have information about.

The reward money comes from individual donations to Crime Stoppers and grants from businesses and foundations.

You and every citizen in the Winona County area benefits from every crime solved.

The best tips are those which are factual and can be substantiated, such as:

• Names and addresses of suspects
• Dates and times of the crime
• Positive identification of a suspect
• License numbers of vehicles involved
• Identifiable characteristics of a suspect
• Personal knowledge of any crime

Since the foundation of Crime Stoppers in 1987, numerous crimes have been solved in Winona County.

Contact Crime Stoppers at 507.457.6530.