Motor Vehicle Theft

One fifth of all crimes in the United States are auto thefts. A car is stolen every 33 seconds, every day of the year. Most vehicles are stolen because it was easy to do so. Eighty percent of vehicles stolen are left unlocked and 42% had the keys left inside. Generally, auto thieves will steal your vehicle to joyride or use in another crime. Auto thieves will also steal valuables left inside your car.

Security offers several tips that will help reduce your chances of being a victim of motor vehicle theft:

• Take several extra seconds to lock your vehicles doors, windows, and trunk.
• Lock up and pocket the keys.
• Don't leave items of value, such as packages, luggage or other expensive items inside your vehicle. Always take them with you or secure them in the trunk.

Report the theft of your vehicle immediately to Winona State University Security and/or the Winona Police Department.