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About RE Initiative

Winona State University's RE Initiative supports survivors of gender-based violence, and works to create a culture of respect and responsibility.


Confidential 24/7 GBV Helpline: 507.457.5610

Winona State's Confidential GVB Helpline is staffed 24/7 by certified student peer advocates to support WSU and Southeast Tech students with issues and questions of gender based violence.

How You Can Help

There are lots of ways for students concerned with gender-based violence to get involved in the RE Initiative.

Show your support:  Help create a safer campus by downloading, printing and displaying a student-designed GBV poster (PDF).

You can find out more about becoming a peer advocate by calling the Confidential 24­/7 GBV Help Line at 507.457.5610 or by sending an email to

For more information regarding becoming a bystander intervention educator send an email to

If you have general questions or if you’d like to send a resume and cover letter to apply for paid RE Initiative student help positions, contact RE Initiative Project Coordinator Lori Mikl at 507.457.5008 or email at

Peer Educators

Education is the cornerstone of the RE Initiative, and the most effective educators are one’s fellow students. The RE Initiative peer educators lead educational sessions about gender-based violence, bystander intervention and cultural factors that create and perpetuate inequality.

Peer Advocates

Peer advocates answer questions regarding gender-based violence and provide services directly to survivors of gender-based violence. They operate the 24-Hour GBV Help Line, accompany survivors to the emergency room or legal appointments, and help them to navigate the legal process.

Under Minnesota law, advocates must complete a 45-hour training to assist survivors of gender-based violence.

Paid Student Help Positions

Paid student help positions are available and we are currently taking resumes and cover letters. Please check out the job posting on Warrior Jobs for a full job description

Not Sure How to Help?

Nobody can do everything, but everyone can do something. If you are unsure how you can contribute to the RE Initiative, contact Lori Mikl at 507.457.5008 or email at