The Winona community offers a variety of services and resources that support those affected by Gender-Based Violence. Browse the options below to learn more about how Winona State University and and surrounding community can help.

On-Campus Resources

WSU 24/7 Confidential GBV Helpline
The Confidential Gender-Based Violence Helpline is available 24/7 resource staffed by peer advocates.

Call The 24/7 Confidential GBV Helpline for:

  • 24/7 crisis intervention and support  
  • Assistance with personal safety planning 
  • Referrals to resources
  • What to expect if you report the crime to the university
  • Information about gender-based violence
  • Information for family and friends of victims/survivors

WSU Health & Wellness Services
Provides medical help on campus during business hours. A SANE (Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner) nurse is available to provide an evidentiary exam, treatment for STIs, pregnancy testing and prevention. There is no charge for the exam.

WSU Counseling & Wellness Services
Confidential counseling, support, and referrals for victims/survivors of sexual misconduct.
Walk-in appointments are available the same day during weekday business hours.

Reporting Resources

WSU 24/7 Confidential GBV Helpline

Title IX Coordinator

WSU Security 

Off-Campus Resources

Women's Resource Center of Winona
The Women's Resource Center (WRC) provides a 24/7 crisis hotline and victim advocates who can accompany victims/survivors to a hospital, police station, or court.

Call the WRC for:

  • Crisis intervention and support
  • Referrals to resources in the local area
  • Answers to your questions about recovering from sexual assault
  • Explanations of the criminal justice system
  • What to expect if you report the crime to the police or the university
  • Information for family and friends of victims/survivors.

Law Enforcement
Winona Police Department

Medical Help
Winona Health Emergency Room

In an emergency, call 911.

Policies & Procedures

Winona State University follows the Minnesota State policies regarding sexual violence, discrimination and harassment:

Minnesota State Policy 1B.1:  Nondiscrimination in Employment and Education Opportunity
Minnesota State Policy 1B.1.1:  Report/Complaint of Discrimination/Harassment Investigation and Resolution
Minnesota State Policy 1B.3:  Sexual Violence Policy
Minnesota State Policy 1B.3.1:  Sexual Violence Procedure
WSU Regulation 5-7:  Policy for Dealing with Sexual Harassment


If someone has sexually assaulted you, you are not alone. There are resources for sexual assault survivors.