Winona State University Campus Chalking Guidelines

The university has a tradition of allowing students, departments and student organizations to use sidewalk chalk on campus in the promotion of their events, encouraging participation in student elections and expressing themselves on current issues.

To make clear the university’s position on sidewalk chalk and to hopefully better ensure that no one unintentionally violates the Student Conduct Code-Section II Part B Subpart 5 “…damage to University property or to property of a member of the University community, or other personal or public property (including property of visitors to campus)”.  The following clarification is provided.  
  1. Chalking must adhere to published university policy and regulations.
  2. Chalking is allowed on horizontal surfaces where rain or natural elements will wash it off (i.e., not vertical surfaces, buildings, walls, planters, doors, trash receptacles, steps, benches, tables, signs, poles, columns, bus stops, light posts, and trees). Also Chalking is prohibited from occurring under overhangs of buildings or any location that is not exposed to rain or natural elements.
  3. Chalking must include non-offensive language. (No obscenities, profanity or hate speech.). The university reserves the right to remove anything offensive and bill the responsible individual or group.
  4. Chalking must be done with water-soluble and non-permanent chalk. The university will clean any permanent material used and the individual or group responsible will be billed.
  5. Students, student groups or departments found in violation of these guidelines will be asked to remove the writings within 24 hours and there may be possible action by the Office of Student Conduct.  If after 24 hours the chalking is not removed and Facilities Management cleans the surface, the responsible group or individual will be billed.