Legislature Twitter Campaign

Students display signs supporting WSU bonding requests.

Did you know that WSU is looking to renovate three outdated buildings to create an Education Village as well as renovate Phelps Hall to create a larger, better equipped Neuropsychology Lab?

The two projects are part of the Build MN initiative by the Minnesota State Legislature to keep Minnesota’s public infrastructure competitive and relevant in an ever-changing world. The Minnesota senate will be voting on the $22 million funding proposal in two weeks and we can’t get it approved without your help and support.

Join the Twitter campaign to let our legislators know that we want to see the Education Village and Neuropsychology Lab projects happen. If we raise our collective voices we can bring attention to the goals we have for our campus and the resources we are requesting in order to achieve them.

Transform Teacher Preparation

The Education Village will create a vibrant community housed in state-of-the-art facilities which will require the renovation of 3 buildings that are more than 60 years old and transform them into labs, classrooms, offices and meeting spaces fit for the needs of the 21st century. We will blend the education and knowledge of our faculty with the experience of master Pk-12 teachers and the insight and support of parents and our regional communities to coach dedicated education students to their peak abilities. We will support graduates as they begin careers as outstanding teachers and professionals who bring knowledge, ability and joy to their classrooms while meeting the individual needs of each student and local school.

Expand Psychology Lab Success

The WSU Psychology department is a successful, growing program,  teaching more than 3,000 students every year. It serves over 300 Psychology majors and 160 Psychology minors, many of them taking classes held in the department’s Neuropsychology Lab. The Neuropsychology Lab is also home to patent-producing research programs, where students have analyzed the genes involved in neurological disorders such as Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, autism and Down syndrome. 

However, the Neuropsychology Lab is currently too small and poorly designed to adequately meet the needs of the program. The proposed renovations (PDF) will provide a larger, more efficient space to conduct research and allow professors to teach more students in  highly demanded research and experimentation classes. Students will better learn the technological skills for 21st century careers and be able to participate in groundbreaking research.

Get Involved

We need you to show your support for this project to the Minnesota Legislature, #mnleg.

Tweet your support for the Education Village project with the hashtags #ItTakesaVillage and #BuildMN.

Use the hashtags #GetPsyched and #BuildMN to show your support for essential updates and maintenance for our psychology labs.

You can also contact our state representatives Representative Gene Pelowski Jr. and Senator Jeremy R. Miller and tell them to support funding for the Education Village and Neuropsychology lab.

Let's make this happen!