Recent Issues

Volume 4, August-December 2016 (ISSN 23275367)

The Educational System in Bangladesh and Scope for Improvement (PDF)
Mohit Prodhan

Black Greek Letter Organizations: Attitudes and Perceptions about Membership (PDF)
Brian Anderson | Steven Smith

Miller Economic Conditions and European Concerns about Food Sufficiency (PDF)
Carol D. Miller

The Role of Social Networking Websites (PDF)
Sajid A. Noor | Theophilus Djaba | Carl E. Enomoto

Volume 3, March-September 2015

Problems and Challenges of Deserted Women in Bangladesh: An Observational Study (PDF)
Neaz Ahmed | Faisal Ahmmed

Hunger Reduction in the United States of America: Analysis of Factors Contributing to Hunger (PDF)
Cathleen Jo Faruque | M. Rezaul Islam

Cultural Awareness and Congruence: A Paradigm Shift Through Immersion and Intentionality (PDF)
Alexander Hines | Rinnel Atherton

Predictors of Faculty Intentions to Refer Emotionally Overwhelmed Students to Counseling (PDF)
Jessica E. Tye

The Relationships Between Social Capital and Self-Rated Health Across Gender Groups (PDF)
Sok An

Exploring the Links Between Social Determinants and Perceptions of Living Well Among Aging African Americans in the Arkansas Delta Region: A Qualitative Study (PDF)
Gauri Bhattacharya | Brian E. Anderson | Bridgette D. Harris

Volume 2, March-September 2013

Volume 1, September 2012