Students who wish to enter the social work major must make a formal application the semester before entering the program. Students should consult their assigned faculty advisor on academic readiness to apply for entrance in the program.

Application Forms

Application forms are in the Social Work Student Handbook (Appendix E). 



  • You are currently taking or have completed SOCW340 and SOCW350.
  • You are currently taking or have completed 6 foundation courses: college reading/writing, public speaking, human biology, intro to psychology, developmental psychology, and intro to sociology.  
  • You have completed total 60 credits by the time of your admission (see student handbook).
  • You have a 2.5 GPA in all foundation courses.
  • A grade of D or lower is not accepted for any foundation courses.



Fall semester: the first Tuesday in October by 3:30pm
Spring semester: the third Tuesday in February by 3:30pm



Maxwell Hall 255 (Winona)
ST 128 (Rochester)



An admission decision – Acceptance,  Pending or Rejection – will be made by social work faculty after the interviews are completed and a review of student's application materials.