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Becoming a Social Work Major

Step I. Declare the Major
If you consider becoming a social work major, you are encouraged to meet with a social work faculty advisor and  discuss your interests and future plans. Then you need to complete the Declaration of Major form. The form can be obtained from the Social Work office in Minne Hall 228 (Winona) or ST 128 (Rochester).

Step II. Complete Two Foundation Courses
Before applying for social work program, you need to complete Introduction to Social Work (SOCW340) and Field Experience (SOCW350). In order to take this course, you have to purchase the Social Work Field Experience Manual at bookstores and complete the application in the manual. Please read the manual carefully for the detailed procedure.

Step III. Apply for Formal Admission
If you are currently taking or have completed SOCW340 and SOCW350, you can submit your application for social work program. Application form is included in Social Work Student Handbook.

Step IV. Take Social Work Courses
Now you are eligible to take social work courses. Regarding course schedule and guidelines, you can consult with your advisor.

More detailed information can be found in the Social Work Student Handbook.