Dr. Aurea K. Osgood

Head shot of Dr. Osgood

BA, Sociology, Winona State University, 2000
MA, Sociology, Bowling Green State University, 2003
PhD, Family Sociology and Demography, Bowling Green State University, 2008
MS, Leadership Education, Winona State University, 2016

Dr. Osgood has been teaching at Winona State University since 2007. She teaches courses primarily in family sociology ("Sociology of Families" and "Advanced Topics in Family Sociology") and social research methods ("Introduction to Social Research" and "Intermediate Social Research"). She takes a demographic approach to understanding family trends in the United States, from the delay in marriage to the decrease in teen pregnancy. She also supervises sociology interns. Dr. Osgood uses active learning to engage students in class to apply concepts to real life situations.

Dr. Osgood’s research interests include single-father families, poverty and welfare reform and family transitions. Her research addresses the recent welfare reform, specifically the welfare-to-work policies, and the consequences for both mothers and children. Additionally, Dr. Osgood's work has been cited in The Atlantic - Cities in a discussion about designing living areas for older adults. She has been published in College Teaching (Bringing Students into a Discipline, 2012, PDF), Sociological Inquiry (Family Transitions and Juvenile Delinquency, 2010, PDF) and The Myth of the Missing Black Father (Public Assistance Receipt: A Comparison of Black and White Single-Father Families, 2009, PDF). She has also published recently in pedagogy: "Building an Eldertopia" (published in ASA's TRAILS), "Getting Students Excited About Social Research" (published in ASA's TRAILS), "Travel with Students: A Review of Existing Literature" (published in ASA's TRAILS) and "Reinvesting the Wheel: Lessons Learned in Redesigning a Gerontology Program" (published in ASA's TRAILS). Dr. Osgood has also publishing in Insight on faculty perception of support and in Journal of Child and Adolescent Trauma on the Child Advocacy Studies curriculum.

Dr. Osgood's work with D2L Discussion Boards has been the focus of a feature interview for WSU's Faculty Exchange.

In 2015, Dr. Osgood earned the President's Civic Engagement Steward Award.

Dr. Osgood serves as the faculty advisor for the WSU Sociology Club and is also eager to work with students on their own research, class material or other sociological interests.

Dr. Osgood also serves as the faculty advisor for Warriors For The Kids, a student club dedicated to raising awareness and funding for Children's Miracle Network Hospitals. As of 2017, approximately $20,000 has been raised for local children and families. She was nominated for the Outstanding Organization Advisor Award for this work in 2017.

Dr. Osgood serves as the Director for the General Education Program at Winona State University.

Dr. Osgood also serves on the Board of Directors for Bluff Country Co-op, Winona Volunteer Services, and the Winona State University Alumni Society in Winona and volunteers with Winona Volunteer Services at the Supplemental Food Shelf.