Sociology in the Spotlight

Client: WSU Retiree Center: Through a mailed questionnaire, students assessed the current programs and services offered by the WSU Retiree Center, the volunteer activities of WSU retirees, and retirees' impressions of the WSU Retiree Center (Spring 2010).

Client: WSU Student Life and Development: Students administered a baseline survey to assess how WSU undergraduate students "take seriously the perspective of others" by tapping into characteristics such as attentiveness, thinking before responding, open-mindedness, social/cultural awareness, empathy, respect for self and others, self-confidence, self-efficacy, inquisitiveness, truth-seeking, and exercising good judgment (Spring 2011).

Client: WSU Student Life and Development: Students followed-up on the results of the 2010 National Survey of Student Engagement through a series of focus groups with first year and fourth year undergraduate students (Spring 2011).

Client: Winona County Criminal Justice Coordinating Council: Through surveys to 5th grade students, parents, and teachers, students assessed the current after-school programming and time spent after school among 5th graders (Fall 2011).

Client: Winona Friendship Center: Through a survey of a random sample of Winona Friendship Center members, students gathered information on the experiences with life-long learning among older adults in the Winona community (Spring 2012).

Client: Winona Volunteer Services: In preparation for their 40th anniversary, students completed a historical analysis of Winona Volunteer Services, including surveys of board members, staff, donors, clients, and volunteers (Fall 2012).

Client: WSU Retiree Center: Students completed a survey of WSU employees to gauge their awareness of the WSU Retiree Center, as well as information current employees of the WSU Retiree Center (Spring 2013).

Client: Winona Volunteer Services: Through a series of focus groups, students collected stories from Supplemental Food Shelf clients about their experiences using the food shelf and their suggestions for future changes (Fall 2014).

Client: Bluff Country Co-op: Students completed an online survey of Co-op shoppers to collect feedback on the shopping experience and to assess interest and need in a possible future expansion of the Co-op (Spring 2015).

Client: WSU Retiree Center: In this follow-up survey, students assessed retirees' satisfaction with the WSU Retiree Center, its programming and services, and suggestions for future improvements (Fall 2015).

Client: Bluff Country Co-op: In a 2-year follow-up, students surveyed Co-op shoppers on their shopping experiences, the store's expansion, products, and services, and their overall satisfaction with the Co-op (Fall 2017).

Client: WSU Retiree Center: Students managed an online and mailed survey for WSU retirees about their retirement experiences, including experiences with hobbies, travel, volunteering, caregiving responsibilities, and physical activity (Fall 2018).

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Aurea K. Osgood, 2018, Mettille Service Award from Winona Volunteer Services
Craig Upright, 2018, Professor of the Year Award from WSU Student Senate
Craig Upright, 2017, Professor of the Year Award from WSU Student Senate