Douglas R. Callahan, Ph.D.

Dr. Callahan’s undergraduate degree was in Business Administration from the University of Denver.

While earning a master’s degree in Sports Science from the University of Denver, he was a graduate assistant with the men’s soccer team along with duties in the equipment room. After graduation, Dr. Callahan taught physical education in the public schools for three years before pursuing a six year career in financial planning. Due to a desire to return to education, he entered a doctoral program in physical education/sports psychology at the University of Kansas. Upon graduation, he accepted a position at Union College in southeast Kentucky teaching undergraduate and graduate courses in physical education, sports psychology, and sports management.

Dr. Callahan was instrumental in initiating and designing the sports management program. He also started up both a men’s and a women’s soccer program along with a men’s golf program. His eight year experience at Union College prepared him well to assume the teaching and administrative duties at Winona State in physical education, coaching education, and sports management.

Dr. Callahan teaches:
     -Sports Finance
     -Administrative Problems in Sports
     -Sports Leadership/Internship 

Dr. Callahan also chairs the Physical Education and Sport Science Department.