Star Alert Emergency Notification System Registration

What Is Star Alert?

Star Alert is an emergency alert system that sends text messages and email alerts during emergencies that threaten life or safety or severely impact standard campus operations. The notifications, called Star Alerts, are only used in emergency situations.

Star Alerts provide immediate emergency communication, and, as a wireless notification system, it can provide critical information even if computers and telephones are compromised.

Who Can Register?

Only members of the WSU community - students, faculty and staff - are automatically registered for this advantageous service. Students, faculty and staff are encouraged to add parental, guardian, spouse or significant other contact information (mobile or home phone) to their account. To accommodate this, each account has ten additional points of contact available to assign as needed.

Notification Details

Notifications are brief and clearly identified as Star Alerts. They will include information on the situation at-hand, what action to take and where to find additional information.

The WSU Star Alert program provides notification of emergencies that occur on the Winona campuses. A separate Star Alert program has been developed for the Rochester campus by University Center Rochester. Winona State Rochester faculty, staff and students also  have the opportunity to register for the Rochester alert program.

Manage Your Contact Information

As a student, faculty, or staff member you are automatically registered with the Winona State University Star Alert system. We ask that you manage your contact information, via the Star Alert portal, to ensure your mobile number is available to receive text messages. You can manage your Star Alert contact information online via the Winona State University Star Alert portal. We have created a list of Star Alert FAQs to  help you navigate any problems that may arise during your initial sign-in session.

Information submitted through the Star Alert system will only be used for the Star Alert emergency alert system.