Strategic Planning at WSU

Setting Our Sights on the Next 157 Years


Strategic Planning at WSU involves several planning components: Our Mission, the 5 Ps, the Strategic Framework, Master Plans, and the Next Level Initiatives. Our mission is to be a community of learners improving our world. From that mission emerges our foundational values: the 5 Ps (People, Programs, Price, Place, and Pride).

All that we hope to do and accomplish at Winona State University should be embedded in these foundational values.

Strategic Framework

The Strategic Framework provides a broad planning strategy which transforms our foundational values into planning trajectories: Student Learning, Student Success, Stewards of Place and Resources, Inclusive Excellence, and Relationships.

Master Plans

The Master Plans are area specific operational plans which are constructed from the Strategic Frameworks Planning trajectories.

Next Level Initiatives

The Next Level Initiatives are strategic initiatives that the university identifies as particularly important to the university; areas that the university wants to significantly enhance and move from good to great. The Next Level Initiatives are always found in the Strategic Framework and the Master Plans.