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Academic Plan

The 2018 Academic Master Plan (AMP) is a living document intended to guide our academic directions for the next five years. The Plan consists of an over-arching plan for academic direction with planning assumptions, operating principle, vision, general directions, and work plans conducted at the college, department, and unit levels. The AMP is revisited every year for summative evaluation and formative evaluation for the next cycle.

The implementation of the AMP is created through the continuing process of work at the college, department, and unit levels with multiple channels for consultation and engagement of individuals, units, departments, and colleges and in concert with other university areas such as student life and development, facilities, the foundation, athletics, international programing and services, etc.

Academic Planning is primarily focused on Theme 1 of the Strategic Directions Framework, though there is of course considerable overlap with the other Themes. The AMP provides a framework aligned with the University-level Themes Strategic Directions Framework adapted in 2014-2015, and will guide our work for the next five to eight years.