Strategic Themes Emerge

Six themes have emerged from the planning discussions that have taken place in recent years. The themes are:

  • Student Learning: namely, a topic that organizes ideas for offering innovative and high-quality learning
  • Student Success: giving every student the opportunity to succeed
  • Stewardship of Place: caring for and learning from the people and environment in our communities in a sustainable way
  • Inclusive Excellence: a category of ideas for being a welcoming campus to all
  • Relationships: creating an atmosphere that maintains civility and respect and promotes participation amidst debate and disagreement
  • Access and Opportunity: a topic which gathers ideas for serving students in the best ways for them while keeping WSU affordable and high in value

These overarching themes embody the thousands of Hopes and Dreams ideas submitted in our planning process. The themes are cross functional and relate to multiple campus focus areas. People, Programs, Price, Place and Pride, are foundational values for the themes. Existing and future strategic plans will align with these university-wide themes.

Feedback is an essential next step for building the university’s comprehensive strategic plan. As we work with these themes, we will prioritize the goals and establish performance measures and a timeline for implementation.

Our Timeline

Aug. 2014 Leadership Workshop

Gather feedback on themes.

Oct. 2014 Long Range Planning Committee

Identify subgroups to review all feedback from the Leadership Workshop and refine each theme.

Theme subgroups will meet in pairs to discuss theme alignment:

Themes 1 & 2
Themes 3 & 5
Themes 4 & 6

Nov. and Dec. 2014: Long Range Planning Committee

Finalize updated themes and establish campus engagement framework.

Jan. 2015: Campus forums and Survey

Gather more feedback on the themes and framework.
Refine and identify accountability for implementation.

Download feedback (PDF) from the campus forum and survey

Feb. 2015: Present themes and framework to constituency

Meet and Confer for formal responses.