Inclusive Excellence

A more equitable and just university community. 

The Inclusion & Diversity Office is committed to building a welcoming, empathetic, and inclusive learning environment through democratic dialogue, cultural sensitivity and awareness. Our programs and initiatives consistently enhance the recruitment, retention and success of historically marginalized populations. Additionally, we create purposeful campus partnerships and leverage those relationships to address complex social issues through collective impact.


  1. By Spring 2019 submit review of the campus Diversity Strategic Plan and update to align with WSU and Minnesota State System goals. 
  2.  By Spring 2019 develop and implement the campus wide cultural competency training series. 
  3.  By Summer 2019 provide evidence that supports continuous improvement in closing the achievement gap in the areas of access, retention and graduation.


  • Practice the language of inclusive excellence campus wide (all locations and programs)
  • Review action around closing the achievement gap in student access/success and completion 
  •  Examine structure of belonging (programming, participation and resources) 
  • Share results of the campus climate study with the campus community and identify action steps

Inclusive Excellence Committee Charge 

Bring forward initial recommendations to University President and Cabinet to further develop and integrate university efforts for promotion of diversity, equity and inclusion. In particular, committee will work to make excellence inclusive and welcoming through the following interdependent components: 

Documents the committee will reference: 
  • Diversity Mapping Report – 2017
  • Diversity & Equity Toolkit 
  • Campus Climate Survey Results 
  • Campus PRIDE Index – assesses LGBTQ+ friendliness 
  • Systemwide equity and diversity goals

Analyzed 20 different cultural competency trainings. 

  • Attributes
  • Attend speakers/programs/workshops
  • Online modules 
  • Badges 
  • Certificates 
  • Incentives

  • Intercultural & Completion Specialists 
  • Identify focused
    •  College liaisons 
    •  Access 
  •  Success 
  •  Completion

  • Cultural shift – Lens of environmental inclusion 
  • Increased collaboration
    • Grow the Inclusion & Diversity Office 
    • Liaisons for all the colleges and the community
  • Identify focused 
  • Inclusive Excellence Center