gbaOur hope is that some of the most important ideas from this site already have assumed a prominent place in your thinking, if not in your daily behaviors.

We would like you to consider this section one more opportunity to assess your current stress status, whether on your own or with others in your life to whom you entrust your thoughts and feelings about the important issues.

  1. Your Big Picture Issues - Have they remained in exactly the same configuration as when you went through the list as we began our work together? Why or why not? Have there been any variations, including the identification of other core value-laden issues in the list?

  2. How do you feel about the work that you do? What motivates you to show up for work every day?

  3. What are the notable stressors for you at work? Away from work? What issues? What situations? What persons? Are there any patterns to the stressors in your week? During the course of a year?

  4. How do you experience stress in your body? What have you noticed about any patterns? Where do you "wear" your stress? And in what ways can you begin to use this more heightened awareness as a warning signal to take preventive action before stress has a chance to build up in your life, potentially becoming a more serious issue?

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  5. What are your key sustainers? As you first considered the choices in Section 3, if you were forced to choose only one of the four general modes of addressing your stress, what would it be, and why?

  6. What specifically about that category of stress skills best fits for you? Of the remaining three categories, which ones can serve you the best? Are there particular situations in which particular types of skills will be of value for you? What specific skills from any of the four categories have you added since you began this work with us, or which seem like they may hold some promise for you, and why? And which skills does it seem you need most to add to your repertoire, and why? What do you need to do to make that happen, and what will most get in your way?

  7. If you were to identify the three to five most important sustainers/stress skills for yourself at this point in time, regardless of the category in which they fall, what would they be? Why are they most important to you? How regularly do you utilize them? And what, if anything, do you need to do to more readily have them available to you?

  8. Where do you fall on the Type A/Type B continuum, and what if anything do you need to attend to regarding that?

  9. How stress-resistant are you? How capable are you of clearly articulating your commitment to your chosen work? Do you exercise appropriate control over what you legitimately can control, and let go of the rest? Can you label events or changes as challenges to be creatively faced?

  10. How clear are you about the nature of the specific workplace stressors that exist for you? Are they typically events, or are they ongoing conditions? How best can you cope with them, and from whom can you receive help and support to do so?
  11. How much of a burnout risk are you? How is your energy level? How emotionally exhausted are you after a day's work? How susceptible to illness are you? How much dissatisfaction and pessimism do you feel about your work? How efficient have you been at getting things done? Are you regularly missing days of work?

  12. How well , in general, are you? How do you feel about your intellectual self? Your physical self? Your interpersonal/social relationships? Your emotional life? Your spiritual self? Can you articulate a purpose in life for yourself? Can you identify for yourself what brings true joy and pleasure to your life? How capable are you of accepting personal responsibility for your actions?

  13. And finally, over the next few months, what do you know you most need to be working on to do a better job of facing and effectively dealing with the inevitable stresses that you face in your life? Be specific.

And be well. We're with you.