Video Programs on Stress Management and Related Topics

  Scientific American Frontiers: Worried Sick

The Primates' Stress Club
Baboons jockeying for social status stress themselves out and make themselves sick - just like us.

Angry at Heart
Researchers find a direct link between long-term stress and clogged arteries. Can an aggressive personality make you sick?

To Heal or Not to Heal
For better or for worse, in sickness and in health; the state of your marriage can affect your immune system.

Just Relax
Renowned stress researcher Herbert Benson helps Alan relax while scientists look into a meditating brain.

Needles and Nerves
Studies find acupuncture can reduce blood pressure, but how?

Getting to Know Us
Computers monitor users' emotions by measuring heart rate, jaw-tension and other physical cues.

Keeping the Peace
Studies show both monkeys and apes actively seek to resolve conflicts within their groups, pointing to what scientists believe are the roots of human morality.

  Frontline: The New Medicine - Interviews
The New Medicine takes viewers inside medical schools, healthcare clinics, research institutions and private practices to examine the rapidly expanding world of integrative medicine.

  Frontline: The Diet Wars
Watch the complete program or jump to some key interviews. Frontline examines the diet debate.