Can you articulate a meaningful reason why the work you are doing is important, has worth? What is crucial here is that your own meaning, your personal sense of commitment, can be articulated, regardless of whether or not the meaning coincides with the official mission statement of your place of work.

We want to refer you back to your own core issues, as defined in Your Big Picture (issues sort). Think for a moment about the issues that you have stated are very important to you.

    • In what ways are those realized in your work day to day?
    • How do they give meaning and a sense of purpose to what you do?
    • And in what ways can you now draw upon your core issues to help define for yourself a personal "commitment statement" for your important work?

As a practical suggestion, posting some kind of concise "Here is what I believe" statement in the area where you work -- on your desk, on a wall -- can be an important daily reminder to yourself of your commitment, regardless of the specific things that may be going on around you in the system. The research shows that clarity about your own core issues can help you to be more stress-resistant, and therefore to be more able to realize your professional goals and aspirations.