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Obviously, it's totally up to you to decide whether you want to keep clicking through this website. But we want to give you some sense of our guiding assumptions and principles so that you more easily can make an informed initial decision about whether or not to continue at this point.

SAD STRESS IS A FACT OF LIFE, A GIVEN. Our goal for you is enhanced stress management, not stress elimination. These materials and this learning experience are intended to empower you to become better able to deal with the inevitable stresses in your life, not to give the impression that the stresses will go away. They won't. YOU'RE IN CHARGE. We believe that there is no "formula" or prescription that adequately addresses the stress management needs of all persons. Human beings are too complex for this to be the case. What may work best for one person will be of far less help for another. Therefore, the importance of your conscious choices about your ongoing stress management work is a cornerstone of this website.

ad IT IS IMPORTANT THAT YOUR STRESS MANAGEMENT AND SELF-CARE WORK BEGINS WITH YOU. Many people visiting this site may be doing so in hopes of being able to be of help to someone else who is in need. This is very caring and commendable, but we ask you to please consider this resource as one intended first to help you, yourself, to manage the stress in your own life as effectively as possible. This is not about selfishness or narcissism, and it obviously does not mean that you cannot "give away" your positive learning to others. But by taking care of your own business first, you will be an even stronger and more credible resource and helper to others in your personal and professional circles.

SAD THE PARADOX OF CONTROL. None of us have ultimate control over many of the stresses that confront us every day, but – paradoxically – probably have more control over the ways we can respond to these stresses than we ever might have imagined.

ad BURNOUT RISK AMONG ANYONE IN THE HELPING PROFESSIONS, BROADLY DEFINED (E.G., EDUCATION, MEDICINE, COUNSELING, SOCIAL WORK, PSYCHOLOGY, HUMAN SERVICES) IS HIGHER THAN IN MANY OTHER PROFESSIONS. These persons, as professionals who deal with complex human growth and human helping issues, are more vulnerable to burnout than persons in other professional fields. This website is intended both to nurture professionals in their demanding roles as well as to provide stress management, self-care, and professional survival skills that will serve them and prevent burnout throughout their careers.

SAD SUPPORT AND CHALLENGE TO PROMOTE PERSONAL AND PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT. All persons learn and grow when they are appropriately challenged in an atmosphere of staunch support. Neither, in and of itself, will promote the growth. The challenges you face are numerous, and the support of others is essential to promote your ongoing development as a person throughout your life. Indeed, we believe that your ongoing development is essential to your being fully alive.

ad YOUR EFFECTIVE COPING IMPACTS MANY OTHERS. Personal well-being can have a positive systemic impact. Your being a more skillful, effective, positive stress manager will be on display to everyone around you in your personal and professional life, and they cannot help but be impacted by that. The image that comes to mind is a large decorative mobile hanging in a room. If one piece of that mobile moves or changes position, every other piece responds to that move.

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