Listed below is our best-guess plan for you to work through the maze of stress-related issues which impact your work and your life every day. We have arranged your learning in Chapters that seemed to us to be a logical way to progress through your learning. You'll be able to click on any of the chapters in any order you wish. Truth is, you can click around this web site in any way which best meets your needs. Remember. . .
One last suggestion: If at any point while you are on this site you have questions about why we are suggesting specific activities or learning experiences, please click back to the Decision Page. Having access to our "big picture" issues could help you decide whether there is still a good fit between our materials and your important learning and professional growth needs. Because the most crucial "big picture" to have clearly in mind is YOURS.


  1. Your Big Picture Issues Sort - This activity is designed (1) to help you identify where you stand on a number of major life issues and (2) to help you explore whether these "fit" with the major commitment which you have taken on as you enter the teaching profession.

  2. Stressors and Sustainers - What's stressful in your life, and what does your stress management repertoire include?

  3. What is Stress, Anyway? - Learn how physical, environmental, perceptual, and other demands define stress in your life.

  4. Signs and Symptoms - What happens in your body when you're under stress?

  5. Stress-Prone Personalities - Type A and Type B personalities and stress.

  6. Stress-Resistant Personalities - The attributes of those persons who seem to cope very well at work, even if the stress levels there are quite high.

  7. Stress at Work -Things to consider about the kinds of normal and abnormal stressors in your daily school life.

  8. Burnout: Risks and Prevention - Are you at risk of burning out? Find out if you are and what to do about it.

  9. Your Overall Well-Bring - A concept where far more than stress management skills and techniques come together to impact the life of a person.

  10. Where Do I Go From Here? - What you most need to be working on to do a better job of facing and effectively dealing with the inevitable stresses which you face as a teacher and as a person?

Resources - An alphabetical list of literature and research sources supporting this web site.