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Workplace Stress Rating

Everyday conditions at work often can be stressful. For each of the following items, indicate the extent to which they fit for you in your present work situation, using a 0-10 scale

(0=never a problem; 5=sometimes a problem; 10=a severe problem).

___ 1. I am not clear about what is expected of me at work.

___ 2. I have differences of opinion with my superior(s).

___ 3. Others' demands for my time conflict with each other.

___ 4. I lack confidence in management.

___ 5. There is conflict between my unit and other units it must work with.

___ 6. I receive no feedback about my job performance.

___ 7. I only receive feedback when my job performance is unsatisfactory.

___ 8. Management expects me to interrupt my work for new priorities.

___ 9. Decisions or changes which affect me are imposed without my input.

___ 10. Required meetings are time-consuming and/or unproductive.

___ 11. I have too much to do and too little time to do it.

___ 12. I do not have enough work to do.

___ 13. I feel overqualified or under qualified for the work I do.

___ 14. I have unresolved conflicts with the people with whom I work closely.

___ 15. I spend my time "fighting fires" rather than working to a plan.

___ 16. I receive no personal support from the people I work with.

___ 17. I have either too much or too little interaction with others at work.

___ 18. I receive either too much or too little supervision at work.

___ 19. Overall, the work that I do has no meaning for me.

___ 20. If another ongoing stressful work condition has not been cited

in this list, identify it and assign a rating ________________________________

From the above list, the three items which are most stressful for me are

 1 __________ 2 __________ 3 _________


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