Everything you need. Everything you want. Your eHome:

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Everything You Need:


Everything You Want:

One-Click Access to:

  • Webmail
  • D2L
  • Library
  • eServices
    • course & housing registration
    • grades
    • class schedule
    • bills and payment

WSU news you need, just for students:

  • technology updates
  • Warrior Athletics updates
  • security and weather alerts
  • academic deadlines
  • local street closings

Custom drop-down curtain:

  • Take a look. The drop-down curtain on the Student eHome page is different than the main WSU homepage curtain. The Student eHome curtain has links to the sites students visit most – like Dining Services, the Bookstore and Financial Aid. Find what you need, fast.

Custom links to your favorite sites (Facebook, Hulu):

Your eHome can display up to six links of your choosing.

  • Friends & Family (eg. Facebook, Twitter)
  • Personal Email (eg. Gmail, Hotmail)
  • Videos (eg. Youtube, Hulu)
  • New and Entertainment (eg. CNN, Warriors Athletics)
  • Learn how to customize your eHome links with a video tutorial

 Custom RSS feed:

RSS keeps you up to date by publishing feeds on your eHome whenever your favorite site or blog publishes new information.

Local weather updates

Never step out without your umbrella. View the current local temperature and weather forecast on your eHome.

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