Student in front of computer accessing the student payroll website.

Student Payroll Electronic Processes

The student employment program utilizes software developed by WSU programmers to complete key payroll processes. Supervisors hire students using online Work Authorization forms, students use eTimesheets to record hours worked and supervisors review and approve timesheets online.

The eTimesheets Guidelines (PDF) is a tool that provides step-by-step instructions for all software functions. You are encouraged to use the online version of the Guidelines since every topic within the Table of Contents is a jump mark to that section of the guide. You may consider saving a copy of the document on your desktop for handy reference or print a copy if you prefer. Finally, a link to the Guidelines is also available on the homepage of the software application itself.

Once you are granted security rights, you access the software by clicking a Quick Link on your personal WSU homepage entitled “Student Employment.” If the Quick Link is not displayed, you may try accessing the site here.

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