Students at a club fair in the campus courtyard

Promote Your Club

Clubs and organizations have two official ways of promoting themselves for recruitment of new members, fundraise and share information about their activities and events.

These options include Club and Organization Fairs and the Warrior Game Day Experience events prior to each home football game.

Club Fairs

The Alliance for Student Organizations hosts two club and organization fairs each Fall during New Student Orientation Week and Homecoming Week, which are a great opportunity to recruit new members, share information and promote events.

All active and registered clubs must participate in at least one fair to maintain their active status.

The fairs take place in the WSU Courtyard unless otherwise posted.

Tables will either be on racks if outside or pre-set if inside the building and will be available 30 minutes before the start of the fair. Each club or organization is allowed only one table, although multiple clubs and organizations can share a table if desired.

Register for Club Fairs

New Student Orientation

August 23, 2019


October 11, 2019

You must register online at least 72 hours in advance to reserve a table for your club.

Contact the ASO Director at with any questions.

Warrior Game Day Experience

All clubs and organizations are invited to set up a table during the Warrior Game Day Experience events held prior to each home football game.

Clubs that participate each week will be entered into a drawing for $50 in club funding. All clubs that participate throughout the season will also be entered into a drawing for $500 in additional club funding! The more you participate, the more chances to win!

All clubs and organizations must register at least 5 days in advance of each WGDX.

Please email if you have any questions.

Register at least 5 days in advance of each WGDX. You will receive a confirmation from prior to the WGDX event(s) for which you sign up.

If you register and cannot ultimately participate, please email
Student Senate is offering weekly incentives for clubs and organizations who participate at each WGDX. All those participating throughout the season will also be entered into a drawing for $500 in additional club/organization funding!

Clubs/organizations will have space on Johnson Street near the WSU Student Zone for their tables. Each participant will have access to 1 table and 2 chairs that they will set up and tear down themselves. Space on Johnson Street will not be pre-assigned to participating clubs/organizations.

Clubs/organizations are expected to be set up and ready to go by 10:45am prior to the beginning of the WGDX and must stay for the entire two hours. All participants are responsible for cleaning up their space at the conclusion and put away their table and chairs.

The ASO Director and/or a member of Student Senate will be monitoring and checking in with all participating clubs/organizations each day.

There will be no access to electricity where clubs/organizations will be set up. So please plan ahead when thinking about fundraisers or activities.

No student who is part of a participating club/organization may consume any alcohol or be under the influence of alcohol. Students found in violation will be asked to leave. Campus security, WSU Athletics staff and Winona police will be patrolling the area. Remember that you are a representative of your club/organization to the public!

Drinking games and the use of devices intended to accelerate the consumption of alcohol are prohibited.

If you wish to have food for sale, donation or to give away, please be mindful of legal and safety requirements set by the State of Minnesota. Essentially, no meat products or other food that has a higher likelihood of making someone ill if not prepared/served properly may be given out (grills, crock pots, cold food, etc.) unless you have a health permit from the State of Minnesota and follow their requirements. This includes anything you would bake at home.

If you wish to have food at your table, our advice is to purchase it (already made) from a caterer or food vendor who prepares the food in a licensed commercial kitchen. Just make sure to have gloves, hand sanitizer, and appropriate serving utensils.

Due to health regulations of hot foods and cold foods needing to be held and served at specific temperatures, we do not recommend selling/giving away anything that would need to be kept warm or chilled. There will already be food trucks and other vendors selling food.

No raffles are allowed (50/50, win a prize, etc.). If someone must pay for a chance to win something, that is considered gambling which is strictly prohibited.

If selling merchandise (t-shirts, mittens, cups, etc.) that use any part of the WSU name and/or logos, they must be pre-approved due to trademark policies. Contact Lori Mikl at for details.