Annual Club/Organization Registration Process

All clubs are required to update their club directory, constitution, and membership roster and Advisors Agreement by Sept. 24, 2018. This is to ensure we have an accurate list of current clubs, advisors, and student leader contact information. Certain pieces of information will automatically be uploaded to the Clubs & Organizations webpage to keep the public list as up-to-date as possible.

Note: Any club who does not have a completely updated club directory, constitution and membership roster by the deadline will be considered inactive, will be deleted and will have no official recognition as a club/organization at Winona State University. This includes losing the right to apply for funding, reserve rooms, use WSU resources, etc.

Update Your Club Directory Listing, Constitution, Membership Roster

  1. Locate your club in the online club directory. (Some clubs are listed as Winona State xx Club, or WSU xx Club, so look carefully!)
  2. Once you find your club, click on the name and then "Edit Item."
  3. Download the Club/Organization Membership Roster Template (Excel) and fill it out with this year's current active membership. Label it as "___ Club Roster 2018-2019" and attach it to the club directory entry. This must be updated every year.
  4. Delete last year's membership roster from your club directory entry.
  5. Download your club constitution and make any necessary changes. Label it as "___ Club Constitution 2018-2019" and attach it to the club directory entry. This is the only way we know it has been reviewed annually.
  6. Update all pertinent information including names and contact information for WSU Faculty/Staff Advisors, Presidents and Treasurers and then click "Save."

Annual Advisor Agreement Form

All clubs/organizations must submit a signed Advisor Agreement Form to WSU Student Senate in Kryzsko 109-110 by September 24, 2018, to ensure that the university has accurate information of who all the club/organization advisors are for each group. It is the responsibility of the club/organization leadership to ensure this form is complete and submitted on time.

NOTE: The names of advisors in the club directory listing must mirror those who have a completed Advisor Agreement Form on file.

If you are a brand-new club that has not been approved by Student Senate yet or your club lost recognition and wishes to start up again, you will need to fill out the New Club or Organization Proposal Form.

If you have any questions or problems, please contact Tracy Rahim at