SAFC Semester Financial Reviews

All clubs that receive funds from the Student Activity Fund (SAF), either through the SAF Committee (SAF) or through gifts from Student Senate, must document their usage of the funds awarded each semester. To do so, they are required to fill out an SAFC Semester Financial Review Form at the end of the semester (dates to be determined by the Student Senate Treasurer). These forms are only required from clubs that have received part or all of their eligible $1500 funding--not from fixed-budget clubs or clubs that received no funding.

Things to know when filling out the SAFC Semester Financial Review Form in detail:

  • Cost Center Number
  • Funding Awarded: Amounts and Purposes
  • Funding Used: Amounts and Purposes
  • Club participation in Club Fairs (Orientation, Homecoming, Spring Semester)

Note: All Fall 2016 forms must be completed by December 15. Any club that does not complete a suitable SFR before this date according to SAFC standards will have their funding ability frozen in the successive semester or until the SFR is completed.

For any questions, contact the Student Senate Treasurer at