A Message from President Kuerschner

My name is Clara Kuerschner and I have the honor of serving as the President of Winona State Student Senate for the 2020-2021 school year.

As an elected representative of the student body, I have the opportunity to represent and lead my peers in addressing the important issues our shared community faces. In partnership with the university administration, faculty, student organizations, and other community stakeholders, we strive to create a better home here at Winona State. I am constantly inspired by the great things that WSU students have and will continue to achieve.

The countless opportunities for personal and community growth do not preclude the need for making our campus a better place. Student Senate will continue to tirelessly advocate on behalf of students on issues of affordability, inclusion, and student well-being.

Amongst many other projects, The other elected representatives of Student Senate and I are working towards various initiatives to benefit student life. We hope to implement various initiatives to combat systemic racism, improve the distance learning experience with COVID-19, and promote educational programming across campus. Student Senate is also responsible for allocating money out of the Student Activity Fund to student clubs and organizations.

I encourage any student to reach out with any question, concern, or idea that you have regarding the work that Student Senate does. Your elected representative (myself included) cannot fully understand the unique challenges that students face, which is why we need your participation. I hope that you will join us in strengthening our community of leaders dedicated to improving the world.

Clara Kuerschner

President | Winona State University Student Senate