Frequently Asked Questions

Like other sessions, Summer Session provides students an opportunity to take courses toward a major/minor, General Education Program, or electives.

However, Summer Session is broken up into three short segments that allow students to focus on completing one or two classes in a condensed time frame:

  • May Session
  • First Summer Session
  • Second Summer Session
Summer Session also offers a greater number and variety of online and hybrid courses.

Finally, tuition and fees for classes taken during Summer Session are calculated based on the number of credits taken, with no full-time flat rate.

Starting in October you can search for classes and scope out your summer course options. Note that additional summer offerings may continue to be added.

If you don't find what you are looking for, keep checking back or call the appropriate academic department(s) and ask what summer options they plan to offer.

Your Summer registration window will open at the same time as your Spring registration window.

Summer financial aid availability is determined by what a student has left over in aid from the previous fall and spring terms.

Students must take 6 or more credits to be eligible for Summer financial aid.

There is a special application for Summer aid that is usually accessible from the WSU Financial Aid office in March.

Yes! The Warrior Success Center offers online advising to students who aren't able to meet on campus. Your major department might also have someone available to talk to virtually over the summer. Check with the department chair or office assistant from your program to inquire about summer advising options.

Yes. When searching for classes, simply click the button next to "Completely Online."

Screenshot of how to search for online-only classes

The time frames for dropping Summer Session courses differ from those of fall and spring semesters. For details see the Summer Term refund policy.

Although Summer Session is a great time for students to “catch up, keep up, and get ahead” in their academic coursework, students are strongly advised not to enroll in more than two (2) courses or six (6) credits in any one summer session.

Typically summer courses are offered during one of the following sessions:

  • May Session – 3 weeks;
  • Summer Session 1 (June) - 5 weeks;
  • Summer Session 2 (July) - 5 weeks.

A student may register for up to 19 credits for the entire summer term; however, students are expected to dedicate the same amount of time to a summer session course as they would to a course offered during a 15-week semester. A summer session course is equivalent in its content and learning outcomes to the same course offered during the fall or spring semester.

See the payment schedule due dates for the upcoming summer term.

We recognize that students wanting to take courses at WSU over the summer may have differing needs.

If you are Not a Current Student identify and familiarize yourself with the right process for you to register for your summer courses and have a successful summer term.

If you have any questions regarding your admission status, please contact the Warrior Hub at 507.457.2800 or