Sustainability Minor Alumni

Kaitlyn O'Connor

Kaitlyn O'Connor with Flowers

“The most fulfilling thing about the minor was the relationships and network that were built. The people who I met from participating in this program have shaped the person I've become, are a continuous source of inspiration and growth, and have provided me with opportunities to advance my career in a way I never dreamed possible 4 years ago. My favorite thing was community involvement. Being a part of the Arboretum and Land Stewardship Committee, volunteering for local environmental causes, picking up trash on the river, learning how to fix my bike, growing my own food in the community garden, building a prairie garden in front of the IWC building, etc. If anything is going to change, it isn't because of reading some book or listening to some lecture - sure, it starts there, but the real change happens when people organize themselves and do something about it."

Sarah Fraser

Sarah Fraser“The most fulfilling thing about the minor was actually seeing sustainable living habits. I can’t remember what class it was, but we got to go to Lanesboro and see what composting was like, and tour a house that was built sustainably, along with the homework in that class which was to actually calculate out how much energy we use, etc. I loved that course and actually taking a look at my life and seeing how I can change my habits and help improve the future. I chose the minor, initially to fill credits for the semester, but as I was taking those classes and learning, I found out I am actually interested and passionate about sustainability. I found out about this minor from Dr. Franz' suggestion (she was my adviser) and my parents live sustain-ably at home so they were a positive influence when I told them I was going to pick up a minor.”

Emma Rude

Emma Rude Holding Fish
“Water quality and quantity are visible representations of environmental health and therefore show whether our natural resources are being used sustainably. I plan to use my minor in sustainability to both educate people about this need and be an active participant of this change of mentality and lifestyle. I hope to help provide safe, plentiful and affordable water as well as sanitation and hygienic services either for those who currently have inadequate services or for those who undergo natural disasters and are in need of these services immediately to maintain health. I hope to be part of a community that promotes sustainable infrastructure and management that not only saves money and resources but also the quality of life for future generations.”

Andrew Johnson
Andrew Johnson
“I plan to use my Sustainability Minor as a complement to my Business Major. I want to change the way business views sustainability. I hope to be working for multiple companies during my career and intend to help them design environmentally sound ways of doing business. The idea of saving the environment is something that awoke within me over the last two years. I’ve even had a chance to put some of that drive, and cross use of my business major in coordination of the Climate Summit this year. I hope to use my knowledge about sustainability and businesses to create a new way of going green.”