Educators collaborate at the Leadership Summit

B-20 Leadership Summit

It is apparent that the participants are deeply invested in the science of learning and that all B-20 educators have a desire to be a part of a supportive, secure and collaborative process of change for education in the 21st Century. 

There have been two leadership summits which involved educators from WSU & partner districts. The first leadership summit took place in September of 2011. The focus was on instructional leadership, adaptive expertise, authentic learning and 21st century skills. Notes (PDF) from the first Leadership Summit are available.

The second leadership summit took place in March of 2012. Participants engaged in rich discussion around the following questions:

  • What qualities and skills will new teachers need to possess in order to succeed in their first three years?
  • How do we-- as educational professionals in both birth-12 and university settings-- work together to create new teachers with these qualities and skills?