A student with her cooperating teacher

Cooperating Teachers

Cooperating teachers are important partners in preparing our future educators. Through your mentorship and guidance, teacher candidates learn best practices in curriculum, how to effectively work with the needs of diverse learners and how to create a positive partnership with the families of your students.

Cooperating teachers must meet the following criteria:

  • Be licensed in the area for which they provide supervision
  • Have tenure or three years of successful teaching experience
  • Special Education teacher caseload should include 3-5 students in Specific Learning Disabilities (SLD) or Developmental Cognitive Disabilities (DCD)-MN/ Cognitive Disabilities (CD)-WI licensure areas .

The Student Teaching Handbook (PDF) has a section that pertains to the Cooperating Teacher role.


edTPA™ is a new step within Minnesota’s existing pathways to initial teacher licensure. It is an assessment process that requires teacher candidates to demonstrate the skills needed to enter the classroom ready to teach and help all students learn.

Beginning with the 2012-13 academic year, all 31 Minnesota institutions of higher education will require their teacher candidates to complete the edTPA process.

As a “real world” assessment, each teacher candidate will work with licensed teachers in Minnesota classrooms as they complete the edTPA Minnesota process. Please watch the video for more information about the edTPA.

General and Special Education Evaluations and Surveys

Every semester, cooperating teacher and supervisors must complete surveys to assess how students are performing during their student teaching experiences. The information gathered is used to improve education programs and maintain accreditation. These surveys take between 5-10 minutes to complete.

  • The Demographic Survey measures the diversity of the students served by WSU Education majors.
  • Student Teaching Midterm & Final Evaluations assess teacher candidates' performance in their student teaching experiences (results will be sent via email once submitted) 
  • The Dispositions Survey evaluates how well students are applying the professional dispositions to their student teaching experience (results will be sent via email once submitted). 

Cooperating Teachers and Teacher Candidates will be able to work together more successfully with Co Teaching Strategies. This video workshop will provide the audience with the basics needed for a successful Co Teaching experience!