Teacher Performance Assessment (edTPA)

Amid concern about the state of the American education system, Minnesota has become a leader in the nationwide effort to ensure that newly graduating teachers will be successful in the classroom and help all student learn. In 2009, Minnesota partnered with Stanford University and the American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education to develop the edTPA, a process that assesses whether teacher candidates are prepared to enter the classroom and teach effectively.

edTPA requires candidates to use teaching materials (e.g. lesson plans, assignments, video and classroom assessments of learning) to evaluate their teaching and student learning. edTPA also provides research-based expectations about what should be expected of teacher candidates in planning for instruction, delivering instruction, assessing learning, analyzing the impact of their teaching and supporting students’ academic language development.

The edTPA assessment was implemented as the statewide performance assessment tool to meet Minnesota accreditation requirements in 2011. edTPA has been used nationally since the 2011-2012 school year and has demonstrated that it is a valid assessment tool that can be reliably scored.

WSU education students will complete the edTPA during the semester when they are student teaching. The cost of the edTPA is $300. Because the process includes videotaping along with writing, students have the opportunity to grow through feedback and reflection. This is a valuable part of the curriculum at WSU.


Candidates access their program-specific handbook through their Taskstream account. Candidates will progress through the handbook, uploading documents and videos to complete their assessment portfolio and meeting the necessary requirements of their specific education program. When the portfolio/handbook is completed, the files are transferred to edTPA.com for official scoring.