Expectations of Students


We have high expectations for our teacher candidates. Students are expected to adhere at all times to the WSU Academic Integrity policy. We also expect students to maintain a minimum WSU GPA of 2.75 and earn a grade of "C" or better in all Professional Education Sequence courses including all EDFD courses, HERS 204, and SPED 300. K-12 and 5-12 majors must also earn a "C" or better in EDUC 429 and EDFD 449. Rochester campus students should communicate with their academic advisors to learn which courses in their program are part of the Professional Education Sequence.

Take the initiative to get to know your Academic Advisor. You can work together to draft an academic plan, declare your major and monitor your DARS report. Remember, be thoughtful in your course selections because this is your chance to take charge of your own future.

Professional Dispositions

In addition to maintaining academic standards, as students move through the Teacher Education program students are expected to develop and internalize professional teaching dispositions. These dispositions include a commitment to:

  • Professional Self-Reflection & Growth
    Teachers should seek and act on feedback, pose questions and seek answers, and gather quality evidence from multiple perspectives.
  • Students & Their Learning
    Teachers should create an environment that helps all students learn while modeling a strong work ethic, promoting responsibility and teaching appropriate collaboration skills. 
  • The Broader Community & Profession
    Teachers must communicate and collaborate with students and families, colleagues, other professionals and community stakeholders. They should also advocate for students and the profession, embracing teaching as a call to justice through political, social and professional action. 

Community Engagement

A well-rounded student is involved in the university and community in ways that transcend classroom attendance and performance. The competitive teacher candidate will have a well-established record of such involvement. This might include but is not limited to WSU student clubs and local volunteer opportunities. Significant experience with diverse populations is key in developing the ability to relate to the wide variety of students with whom you will interact. Be proactive in this area and take advantage of every opportunity which will allow you to grow.